These committees are populated by a mix of students in the English Common Law and French Common Law programs who are in their first, second and third years. Some of these students are on the CLSS Executive and others are students at large.

If you have any concerns or opinions regarding any of the committees, please contact:

  1. One of the designated student representatives,
  2. Lauriane, VP French at, or
  3. Ida, VP English at


  • Faculty Council (Bilingual)
  • English Program Assembly
  • French Program Assembly
  • Executive Committee (Bilingual)
  • Examinations Committee (Bilingual)
  • The Hiring Committee
  • The Educational Equity Committee (Bilingual)
  • Admissions Committee
  • Legal Aid Committee (Bilingual)
  • Library Committee (Bilingual, joint with Droit Civil)
  • Aboriginal Advisory Committee (Bilingual)
  • Curriculum Committee
  • Grading Guideline Review Committee (Bilingual)
  • Construction Committee
  • Computerized Exams Committee